Watch PrisonPals episodes

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PrisonPals videos (and a couple of gifs) for your viewing pleasure.

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2 x Streamy nominations!


PrisonPals is nominated in the categories of BEST COMEDY and BEST INTERNATIONAL SERIES in the 3rd Annual Streamy Awards! (woot!)

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PrisonPals live event


Have you ever spent 24 hours broadcasting your life to complete strangers on the Internet? Have you ever chatted to prisoners online? Well we did it, and some of you came along for the ride.

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Meet the PrisonPals

Meet the prisoners on the prisonpals.tv program

PrisonPals follows a group of prisoners as they participate in a controversial online rehabilitation program, and unintentionally enrage, engage but ultimately entertain the general public.

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PrisonPals Meme Generator

anger management daryl

Cats are very popular on the internet. Prisoners – not so much. Now you can make memes based on your favourite (well four) Prisonpals characters: Professor Internet; Prison Warden Says; Crimes Have Changed & Anger Management Daryl. Your goal is to make memes and EPIC LULZ!

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What's your prison?

What's your prison

Psychologist Eric Brof believes we’re all in prison. Whether it’s a dead-end job, a loveless relationship or a secret addiction, Brof will help you to identify the prison you have built for yourself (but he may not be able to get you out).

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